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We hope you will enjoy this week’s missionary highlight from Chris and Jamie Suel with the CMM, the Center for Mission Mobilization. Chris and Jamie have been an integral part of our Missionary Care Team since its inception in 2016. They bring a wealth of experience and compassion to our efforts. The Suels and their 5 children served in Kenya from 2009-2015. They currently live in Bryan, Texas while serving as Member Care and Security Directors for the Center for Mission Mobilization. You can read more about the Suel’s and their pivotal experience in Kenya here: 


Hello from the Suels!

We are grateful to each of you who read this newsletter and pray for us. We are praying for you during this unusual season. Please let us know if there is something we can pray for you specifically! Your presence makes the journey so enjoyable. Thanks for your friendship and support! ~ Chris & Jamie, Gavin, Jaden, Avery, Emma, & Zephan

The entire world is grieving things hoped for but lost. It has been beautiful to see creativity, humanity, and unity during this strange season. We have also been experiencing a lot of pain. Uncertainty, pain, and fear often cause us to act in ways we wouldn’t normally act. Plus, navigating life in a pandemic has been stressful. These days, I find myself praying for peace- that we (I) would be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. I have been reading more during this season. There is a common thread in the books I have chosen. So the messages “on my mental playlist” are:

  • pay attention (don’t stay on auto pilot)
  • listen deeply-for understanding
  • choose curiosity over judgement
  • give grace
  • love God and love others
  • steward my gifts, time, resources, body, etc. so that I don’t burn out

What has been on your heart and mind?  What is God saying to you these days?

Some of the ways we are spending our days:

 All Staff Zoom Care

One of our board members shared a message about how important it is to guard our hearts above all else. It is the wellspring, the beginning point, of life (Proverbs 4:23). He shared about 3 different kings- how they started and how they finished. Saul, David, and Solomon each started strong but Saul lost his heart for God and didn’t obey. David was a man after God’s own heart, misplaced his heart, and then confessed and asked for a clean heart. Solomon shared his heart with false gods and tried to worship all. We were urged to finish strong by guarding our hearts and taking good care of our souls. Caring for the heart and soul IS the reason for the all staff zoom calls, and ultimately for why Chris and I do what we do! We heard from one of our Global Affiliates (local leaders in the countries we work in) who shared his family’s perspective and work during Covid-19. The thing that struck me was one comment “Andy” made: “God told me to…and so now we are…” Andy has been listening for the voice of God, paying attention to the needs around him and what is available to him, and is taking action. He and his family are caring for many people and mission workers in their area and God is blessing and establishing the work of their hands. We also heard from two of our field teams about how they are doing-the challenges and the joys. Isn’t that the way this is going? The response to Covid-19 has brought challenges and joys. One of the exciting things we heard was the creativity the teams have drawn on to reach students and other groups with mobilization- helping them see God’s heart for the nations and how they can be involved!

In the midst of all the challenges from the pandemic, this is one way we are caring for our staff. Our staff around the world have loved seeing everyone’s faces as well as hearing encouraging devotions and real-life testimonies of the ups and downs of ministry and life.

Meeting With Staff

Honestly, not a lot has changed in our day-to-day ministry. Well, we aren’t traveling or planning any travel in the near future. That is different. We still check in with our staff serving all over the world. We have zoom calls with the goal of glorifying God by helping forge a healthy culture where our staff can thrive in effective and sustainable service. Chris is coaching several on-boarding staff as they raise financial and prayer support. I am coaching several people and teams going through a season of transition. And, in general, we are listening and trying to provide a space where missionaries can be seen and known. This listening is a powerful piece of what we are trying to do. We have seen (and personally experienced) that when we are seen and known, encouragement , hope, and freedom usually follow. This enables our light to SHINE brightly! And people are pointed to the One worthy of all our worship…and our very lives!

“Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.” – Psalm 96:3

Our mailing address is:

The Center for Mission Mobilization

P.O. Box 3556

Fayetteville, AR 72702

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