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Well, first off, we do want to apologize that we have been silent for a while now.  We honestly have been dragging our feet to send another update, as we have been hoping that we would have news of our return to Kenya that we could share with you!  When the country closed the end of March and we knew our April flights would be canceled, we thought we would return by May, and then June at the latest, and then July… you get the idea. However, as we are now two months past our scheduled return, with no real clarity of a return date, we are wanting to keep you all informed of what is going on in Kenya, in our lives here currently in Texas, and also how we would ask you to pray for us.

I know that we are not alone in stating that these are difficult and challenging times for everyone and so many of you all have been on our hearts and minds and in our prayers as we know you are facing really hard things.  As I sat a few weeks ago and wept for all that is going on across the globe, I was comforted by the Lord and His promise from 2 Corinthians 1 that He comforts us in our afflictions, so we may then comfort others.  I have been praying for our family, that as we receive God’s loving comfort to us individually, we may then also look out at the brokenness we see among us and be a comfort to whoever He places before us.

As we have had time to pray and process our first term (last 4 years), we continue to feel resolved in our call to Kenya and the ministries the Lord has before us there.  We desire to return and begin our next term when the country opens again.  Like so many of you, our main format for communicating with our co workers and teammates is now through Zoom and Whats App.  While we desperately miss our in person meetings, we are thankful for this technology to connect.  We continue to have multiple meetings a week with our Sports Friends International team, Sports Friends Kenya team, and also RVA Staff.  Please click here for an amazing story of how the Lord is at work in Kenya during these extremely challenging times.

We would like to give you an update on where Kenya currently stands and would ask you to pray for the country:

  • International flights into and out of Kenya are still canceled.  Timeframe unknown.
  • Nairobi is on lockdown and no one is able to travel in or out of the city.
  • Clear evidence of widespread community transmission.
  • Government reported that health facilities are unable to meet the need for beds as infections increase.
  • Schools ordered to remain closed until September. Rift Valley Academy will remain online through January.
  • Kenya has identified three thresholds before re-opening the country: 1) infections must be contained and trending downwards, 2) the healthcare system must be prepared sufficiently to take on a surge in infections. It must not be overwhelmed at any one point during the pandemic. Access to testing, isolation, and quarantine must be a bare minimum, and 3) the capacity for surveillance and contact tracing must be in place. Kenya has stated that none of the three thresholds have been met.
  • Modeling shows that at the current infection rate in Kenya, we will not begin to reach our peak in late August or early September, with some estimates showing that peak as not coming until October or November.
  • Kenya has shut all borders from all surrounding countries.

Please join us in praying:

  •  We are currently able to stay at the Tomball Bible missions house through mid July, but then will need to find another spot to live after that.  It is still a possibility for us to return to Kenya in the next few months, but we are really unsure at this point. We hope to know more after President Kenyatta’s next address the beginning of July. However, we have been encouraged to try and secure housing here in TX through January if possible. If you know of  a good landing spot for our family of 5 this fall, please reach out and let us know!
  • Sports Friends Kenya is launching a food relief effort through our local church partners and coaches. We realize we are not a relief organization, but a discipleship and development ministry. However, we feel that with the current state of the country, with many we minister alongside suffering from food shortages and the inability to work, the Lord is asking us to play a role in helping to come alongside the local churches and assist those who are in great need. Shaun has spent weeks laboring over and praying about how best to move forward with this. Would you join us in praying for this effort as it launches Monday?
  • We have lots of mixed emotions about being here in the U.S. right now. We honestly are struggling with being so far from our team in Kenya, as they are facing so many hardships and we are not there. Please pray for us to know how best to reach out and continue connecting and encouraging our team from afar.
  • For our hearts! We are a mixed bag right now. We feel peace in trusting the Lord and His sovereignty that He has a purpose for us right now. Yet, our hearts long to return back to our home. Pray for our kids especially, this has been trying on them, lots of tears.  We are on our last week of online school through RVA and already know that whether we are back in Kenya or here in TX, we will continue school online next year, at least through January. Pray for our kids as they continue to feel that loss and that we would help them process well all they are experiencing.

In the midst of feeling so many unknowns, with so much out of our control, the Lord has reminded us of what we can focus on and what we as followers of Christ can continue in, despite what our current circumstances are or where we presently find ourselves.

So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.” (Colossians 3:12–15, NASB95)

And  we can do these things whether in Kijabe, Kenya, Tomball, Texas, or anywhere in between!  We are so thankful for each of you and the continued sacrifices you make to sustain our ministry in Kenya.  We love hearing from you and praying for you as well.

US Phone numbers
Shaun 214-903-9599
Abby 214-603-5305
Our mailing address is:
2864 Hurstview, Tx 76054
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